Physician Retention Initiative

Health Care Executives and Physician Recruiters: Do You Want to Drastically Minimize the Financial Costs Your Healthcare Organization is Experiencing Due to Physician Turnover?

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Ease Physician Recruitment, and Reduce Turnover

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  • the three circumstances that make physicians leave no matter what you say or do,
  • the critical time period when physicians make the decision whether to stay or leave and how you can ensure you don’t miss it,
  • the three different costs of physician turnover and the millions of dollars and patients that get lost in the process,
  • four solutions to improve your physician retention and physician workplace satisfaction
  • … and much more!

If you want to learn more about my physician onboarding and retention coaching program, Physician On-Boarding and Retention Program.

Thank you for working with the new physicians. I received great feedback about your program and all of the physicians that engaged are doing really great.

Amy James

Piedmont Healthcare