When you hire new physicians, how do you retain them?

Retaining physicians is crucial for the survival and profitability of any healthcare organization. Solid recruitment is the first step. Supporting newly hired physicians within the first 6 months, while building their practice, settling in the new location, and getting used to the new culture is another important step for long-term employment and engagement.

But most organizations miss it or step over it, are you as well?

A 2005 physician retention survey published by Cejka Search and AMGA revealed that more than half (54 percent) of physicians who leave their medical groups do so within the first five (5) years. The decision to leave is often made as early as the first three to five months. This survey result implies that physician retention requires preventive and early treatment to maximize physician satisfaction, performance and retention.

The Solution?

A customized, time-limited, coaching program that supports newly hired physicians in those first critical months.

You will have peace of mind that your physicians will learn the necessary skills, have the necessary support to resolve any challenge that may come their way. I will also support them in reaching their goals.

Common Difficulties Newly Hired Physicians Face:

  • Building their patient base and marketing their practice
  • Settling the family in the new location and coordinate move and adjustment in new town
  • Getting familiar with the new culture
  • Learning a new EMR system
  • Building good relationships with staff, peers, and administration

Program Length

A commitment of six, twelve or eighteen months is required depending on the circumstances.

The program can be conducted in person in the Atlanta area, via Skype, or by telephone.

This has been a wonderful experience.  I had a rough start at my first post-residency job and often wasn’t sure if it was just me or if it was “new physician jitters”.  I found that my day was better after speaking with Iris.  The issues didn’t disappear, but my ability to work through them improved.

Iris has helped me to work through my concerns about starting my first post-residency job.  I was able to work through what is really important and focus on what things I can change and what things I can’t.  She has really helped to work on focusing on the present and letting the future work itself out.  That is still a work in progress but something that I will continue to actively work on.

As a result, I am far less frustrated at work.  I love my patients and I am doing much better about “mommy guilt”.

I have told many people about my experience with Iris.  I always say that she is an impartial sounding board to help work out the kinks in your career.  I think it is valuable both to new physicians as well as for physicians who have been around for a while because it is important to periodically evaluate your life and career.

Female OB / Gyn Physician, Missouri

Who It’s For

Healthcare organizations that want to ensure that their newly hired physicians are completely supported in the first critical months of their employment and learn the critical skills and tools to optimize their performance, build strong relationships with their staff and the administration, overcome any hurdles that are present when moving the family to a new location, and reaching their patient numbers and patient satisfaction scores.

Newly hired physicians who started in a healthcare organization within the last 3-6 months.

Program Outcomes Reported by Physicians:

  • Faster build-up of patient base
  • Quicker resolution of problems; whether it is practice related or has something to do with the administration or staff
  • Greater support during the relocation process – family-related issues get solved quickly and efficiently
  • Greater sense of work-life balance
  • Positive view of the healthcare organization – physicians realize that they organization cares about them personally and professionally
  • Upgraded leadership, stress management, and time management skills

The onboarding program has positively impacted my work and career. As physicians, we cannot get this information soon enough. This is a program that medical students and Residents would benefit from, also.

I think most physicians feel that after all that they have gone through to get to where they are, they have developed adequate skills for survival. Through coaching, I have discovered that I was stuck in survival mode. It takes a different skill set to thrive and be satisfied in your work and home life. Coaching has helped me change my focus to achieve a better balance.

Working with Iris has allowed me to open my mind to different perspectives and has taught me techniques for dealing with challenging situations and people.

- Female Family Physician, Chicago

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