So you’ve identified a challenge in your practice – perhaps your skills and behaviors effective anymore in these changing times in healthcare or you find yourself unable to control your emotions as you once did.


If you are like most physicians you may just suck it up and deal with it. You may suppress the issue by pushing yourself to work harder or covering up as much as possible. But in doing so, you’re denying yourself the one thing you deserve – moving beyond the issue and reclaiming balance and efficiency in your practice.

You may also think that you can handle it yourself but I assume you just don’t have the time to read a few books on the topic that you are facing in order to find the best possible solution. Besides, it is difficult to see yourself when you have no mirror in front of you.

You don’t have time to spend on a weekend program where yo may get a lot of theoretical information with very little focus and guidance on practical implementation.

Ready For Improvements? Tired Of Wasting Time?

Let’s talk it out in a 15-minute phone conversation. Bring your issue(s). Ask your questions. Find out how a coaching program can help you create long-lasting and viable solutions.


You really want to get this issue behind you quickly and not only that – you want to develop a proven process so that you never have to deal with it anymore.

You also want a proven and confidential program where you can make progress in the shortest amount of time with no or very little setbacks.

You want a process that is customized to your unique situation, addresses your current challenges in a practical way.

And you want a supporter and confidant who is holding up the mirror for you, who leads you straight to the core, speaks in direct language, has a vast list of resources and doesn’t waste your time.

You are ready to make progress very quickly!

Welcome to the Balanced Physician Coaching Program!


The Balanced Physician program is a combination of coaching, consulting, and training. Coaching, which is not advice, therapy, or counseling, may address specific projects, professional performance, or general conditions in your life and / or profession. I don’t provide psychological testing or psychotherapy; therefore, there are no stigmas attached.

1. We will meet for an initial consultation to discuss your challenges and goals so that we can determine whether this program is the right vehicle for you.

2. If you and I decide to work together, I will send you material that will start the process, increase your awareness and focus.

3. Next, we will meet for a day (either in person or via Skype) to strategize your goals and fine-tune your implementation skills. If a 1-day meeting doesn’t work for you, we can also split it up in 2 3-hour meetings.

4. For the next 3 or 6 months we will meet twice a month via phone or Skype to measure your progress, discuss challenges, and fine-tune further skills.

My goal is to make this program so valuable for you that you will feel its impact for many years to come.

The results of this program are driven by your intention for your life and practice.  That means the clearer you are on what you want to accomplish and implement, the better! (By the way, if you currently don’t know yet what your intentions are, don’t worry about it; that is completely normal and you will get more clarity within the first meetings.)

This is a 3 or 6-month program that can be your best investment in your life and practice if you are willing to:

  • get committed to make meaningful improvements
  • follow through with suggestions and ideas that we discuss in our conversations
  • be honest with yourself and bring everything to the conversations
  • take full responsibility for everything that is happening to you / not happening to you
  • have fun in the process.

Once you fully commit to it, this program will serve you for many years to come and transform your life / practice in a way that you cannot imagine yet. I promise you that. I have many clients who worked with me many years ago and when I check in with them on occasion, they still share with me how this program made a difference in their practice / life to this day.

I don’t teach or believe in magic pills. Instead I teach and believe in creating a life and practice that is filled with ease, balance, and greater performance. With that said, the Balanced Physician program is about your personal choice, growth, and taking more effective action.

So here is the deal. I am legally required to remind you that I do not guarantee your results or outcomes if you use my tools, strategies, and secrets.

What I can guarantee you is:

  • that I will bring my direct, no-nonsense, and practical approach. I am not afraid to ask tough questions, address sensitive topics, point out the obvious and push a bit. However, I do that in a warm and empathetic way.
  • that I take your valuable time very seriously.
  • Confidentiality as a major component of my work. I don’t share any information that my clients share with me. Period.
  • that I am standing behind you and your goals. As long as you are committed to them, I will give my very best to help you get there quicker and with less setbacks than if you tried to reach them without me.

Are you up for it?

If so, then how about an easy, simple way to explore your situation and brainstorm some viable solutions … right now?

I know that a short description on a website really cannot give you the feel of what a coaching program is about and what is truly possible for you. I know many clients who get it once they get involved in the process.

If you have a major issue going on right now or maybe there is just something that is really bothering you and you want to get it resolved once and for all, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute “Talk It Out Session”. It won’t cost you a dime but will give you a taste of what can be possible for you.

Don’t feel comfortable yet to commit to a longer program? Click here and schedule a lazer coaching session.

Click here to read case studies of former clients’ challenges and results. 

How Clients Are Describing Their Experience …

Iris helped me to dramatically improve the quality of my life. I have a better work life balance and enjoy my personal life, marriage and job a lot more. I am less stressed and have greater peace. The greatest value was in helping me change my thinking approach, i.e. putting myself first, learning to value my own opinion and being less judgmental. Iris also provided a high level of support, helped to increase my self awareness and provided good advice particularly around coaching rather than managing my team.

Iris, you were very effective in picking up on my needs to decrease stress and increase well-being. You helped me learn to help myself – both now and for the future – thank you so much. I am able to enjoy my profession, family and life in general much more. You gave me strategies that are effective in decreasing my anxiety and improving my outlook on life and work. You could have come into my life a few years earlier…!

This was a mind opening experience and an excellent program; I highly recommend any physician to go through this. I enjoyed that I was able to discuss a variety of topics during our meeting; nothing was off limits and I did not feel restricted in any way. Iris was very professional and flexible. I now understand the importance of how work and personal life impacts the other and I see the benefit of the program. I feel that I receive now better outcomes and have a new and fresh perspective on myself and my interactions with others.

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