Meet Iris

IrisGrimm-headshotMy name is Iris Grimm and I have been coaching physicians and physician leaders since 2003.  You may wonder why I chose this particular specialty. So let me tell you how this came about.

I grew up in East Germany and come from a family of physicians and dentists. When you come from a medical family you understand the culture, the problems, and the mindset. My background gave me an interest and affinity for working with medical professionals.  Where many people might be somewhat intimated by medical professionals. I’m not at all.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, I left East Germany and applied for college in West Germany. I received a BS degree in Business Management and Communication from the University of Applied Science in Mainz in 1994.

I had always dreamed of moving abroad and the next year, in 1995, I was given the opportunity to work in Atlanta, Georgia. Five years of work experience in corporate America was enough for me to decide to explore self employment. I enrolled in a coaching program and received certifications in personal and executive coaching.

In 2003, I realized there was a need for people who could work with physicians on stress management and performance issues as well as helping them to develop the leadership skills they didn’t receive during their training in Medical School. I created the Balanced Physician programs and Cultivate Physician Leaders programs where my focus is on developing young physician leaders and fine-tuning established physician leaders. .

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of physicians and physician leaders. I model and teach self-management and interpersonal qualities of leadership and performance in a unique way that allows physicians and executives to connect with me and develop a trusting relationship.

Our work together had helped them to enjoy and appreciate their careers again, get comfortable with combining a busy practice with parent and spousal responsibilities, to learn and practice leadership skills that enable them to take on leadership positions and much more. I find this work, with what some people consider a challenging population, to be extremely rewarding.

In my spare time you will find me gardening, hiking, or training dogs. I currently care for four dogs, 1 German shepherd, 1 Rottweiler and 2 Pit bulls of which one is a foster dog.

When training dogs one must exude confidence, be present, set limits, be clear about your expectations and patiently reward good behavior. I am good at this and my dog training skills have transferred to being able to work well with varied individuals, gain their trust and help them to reach their performance goals. On weekends you will find me conducting workshops for dog guardians to educate them on responsible dog ownership while raising money for rescue organizations. Check it out at


Contact me here if you’d like to find out more and how to work with me.

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