Do you have a burning issue in your practice but don’t want to invest in a time-limited coaching program?

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a Lazer Coaching Session.Coaching-Folder

If you are not ready yet to get yourself involved in a short- and medium-term program but have an issue where you are stuck or need to make progress quickly, go ahead and schedule an individual Lazer Coaching Session, billed at $300.

We will immediately work on your issue and you will walk away with more clarity and action steps for long-term improvement. Also, this session gives you a good introduction on what is truly possible with the support of a complete coaching program.

We meet via Skype or telephone and if you are in the Atlanta Metro Area, we can even meet at my office.

Ready to get results? Let’s do it! Here is how it works:

When you send the below form, I’ll send you an invoice. After receiving payment I’ll be in touch to schedule your session and prepare us for optimal results.

Have a question? Schedule a 15-minute “Talk It Out Session”. It won’t cost you a dime but will give you a taste of what can be possible for you.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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The Lazer Coaching Sessions cost is $300 whether by phone or in person. (only 1 lazer coaching session per person.) The preliminary consultation is 100% free and there will never be a pressure to sign up for this program. After all you must want it. If you are not ready for making tremendous improvements in your practice / life, this program would be a waste of your time and money.
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