Are you a physician feeling frustrated with one or more issues in your practice?

This is not unusual. In medical school you were taught to focus on your clinical skills, not on how to balance work with life, how to coach your staff to greater performance, or how to keep up with all the administrative changes in healthcare.

Chances are you’re experiencing one of these two situations:

1 – You power through it; you put in additional hours and energy and hope that one day you’ll be able to catch up.

2 – You can’t keep up anymore. It shows up in your performance, enthusiasm and / or everyday behavior. Something has to change. 

Having worked with physicians for the past twelve years, I completely understand what you are going through.

Do you want to take the first step that get you on a path of more ease, balance and greater performance?

Start with this FREE video series – a 3-week self-coaching program designed to make meaningful changes now. Implementing these tips will take you less than 5 minutes each but I guarantee you, they will make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Three Common Challenges that Physician Resolve in this Coaching Program

Feeling of Debilitating Stress and Overwhelm

You wake up tired; you feel constant mental pressure; you can’t seem to catch up with work and life and you wonder how much longer you are able to keep up.

Medical school didn’t prepare you for that, you don’t have time to practice suggested stress management techniques and habits. Your colleagues experience similar symptoms so you resigned to it.

Healthcare has changed, your clinical skills have evolved, now it is time to evolve your mindset, your habits, your processes, and routines. Doing it on your own almost seems impossible considering that you are stuck in it so deep. But getting support through a coaching program is the correct prescription for your situation and helps you implement a sense of work-life balance.

Decreased Performance

Even though you put in the same hours; you see less patients than some of your colleagues. On top of that you spend many evening hours catching up with paper / computer work. You are near the bottom of the productivity line in your practice and don’t like it. The implementation of ICD-10 will throw you over the edge. Now the pressure is on but you just don’t know how to fix it. You’ve lost your flow but want it back.

Performance is the result of potential minus interferences. When your performance decreases, there can be many reasons that are sometimes hard to identify when you are looking at it from your personal perspective. Having outside support that sees your blindspots and has a vast knowledge on human performance can be the key to restore your optimal performance and set you free for good.

Disruptive Behavior

The performance of your staff is inconsistent and as a result, your patient care is at stake. Too long you’ve put up with it and suddenly you snapped, said the wrong words, acted out in an unprofessional way. Now your career is on the line, your hospital privileges may be in danger and a healthcare administrator had a conversation with you about it and asked you to get some help.

You don’t need anger management but you want to learn how to stay emotionally controlled when things around you go havoc. You want to know how to coach your staff so that safe patient care is guaranteed.

This short-term non-punitive coaching program is designed to teach you effective tools and skills to address staff performance issues and develop the emotional intelligence that is necessary in your role.

If you experience one of these challenges, stop wasting your time and spinning your wheels. Learn about a coaching program where you will make improvements in your practice and life in a very short time. If you are ready or have questions, let’s talk it out.

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  • Physicians who feel moderately to severely stressed 87% 87%
  • Physicians who feel burned out 45.8% 45.8%
  • Physicians who identify family & personal time as a very important factor 71% 71%
  • Physicians who admitted making a medical mistake in a 3-month study period. 34% 34%
  • Malpractice claims based on medical errors AND unprofessional behavior by the physician. 83% 83%